Entry #1

Introducing our new cartoon!

2014-12-19 16:10:30 by ChadTheDJ

Hello Newgrounds! 

Even though this is my "new" account, I been on NG for awhile with my old alias "Mastadj". We wanted to let you know we are releasing an original flash based cartoon about a very popular Minecraft gametype,  Survival Games (aka Hunger Games). 

We just released our first episode here "Let the Games Begin!" and releasing episode 2 in 2 weeks!


Hope you enjoy!


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2014-12-21 20:03:07

be my friend


2014-12-23 15:46:53

Hello . I love your work . I am going to fan .


2014-12-27 01:58:24

Awesome dude. I don't think you can call it original as it's off of Minecraft but I get what you mean :P I'm gonna fan you as I'm excited to see where this series goes :)

Best of luck!