Took us a bit longer but episode 3 is now out!

Hope you all enjoy. Episode 4 will take a bit longer due to more animating we will need to do. We hope to have that released within about 3-4 weeks.

Thanks for your support!

Fall From Grace (Episode 2) released!

2015-01-02 15:36:15 by ChadTheDJ

Thank you everyone for your feedback with our first episode, Let the Games Begin. With over 22,000+ views the last 2 weeks, we thank you for enjoying it and making it a success!

As promised, we are releasing episode 2 "Fall From Grace" today to continue the story with our Heros. 

(Haven't seen the first one? Click here to catch up:

As always, enjoy! Episode 3 is in the works and will be posted in 2 weeks from today.


Introducing our new cartoon!

2014-12-19 16:10:30 by ChadTheDJ

Hello Newgrounds! 

Even though this is my "new" account, I been on NG for awhile with my old alias "Mastadj". We wanted to let you know we are releasing an original flash based cartoon about a very popular Minecraft gametype,  Survival Games (aka Hunger Games). 

We just released our first episode here "Let the Games Begin!" and releasing episode 2 in 2 weeks!

Hope you enjoy!